3M Peltor Kids Neon Ear Defenders, Neon Ear Muffs, Children's Hearing Protection

3M Peltor Kids Neon Ear Defenders, Neon Ear Muffs, Children's Hearing


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3M Peltor Kids Neon Ear Defenders, Neon Ear Muffs, Children's Hearing Protection

Protect your kid’s hearing at music festivals or any loud events with 3M PELTOR Kids Earmuffs. 27dB.
Easy to wear earmuffs are vibrantly coloured in neon pink or neon green so you can spot your little ones in a crowd. They feature comfortable wide sealing rings with a low profile. Ideal to pack when heading for a fun, noisy family day out. Use at music festivals, air shows, concerts, festivals, sporting events or firework displays or wear them at home if needed around loud machinery such as power tools.

3M Peltor Child's Ear Defenders

The 3M PELTOR™ Kid range Passive Ear Muffs are attractive vibrant colour hearing protectors available in headband version only. These products are specially designed for younger wearers, including children, to protect against moderate levels of noise in everyday situation such as social and leisure activities.

Features and Benefits

• Modern, stylish slim line cup design
• High visibility colours for attracting attention thus increasing safety
• Liquid sealing rings for improved comfort
• Unique low profile headband design helps maintain constant pressure thus providing confidence in protection
• Large space inside cup helps reduce moisture and heat build-up
Comfortable and fun children's ear defenders suitable for smaller head sizes.
Consistent level of comfort when worn for long periods.
Comfortable to wear due to wide sealing rings which are filled with unique combination of fluid and foam.
Smooth with no protruding parts to catch on things.
The average noise reduction you receive by wearing this product is 27dB SNR.
Are ear muffs as effective as ear plugs?

For ear protection in high noise environments, ear plugs can offer a more complete level of noise reduction. However, ear muffs have advantages in that they don't have to be fit inside the ear, and so can be more comfortable, economic and hygienic.

Why are ear defenders necessary?

Hearing protection is designed to protect the user from extreme noise levels. The padding of the cushion is made from a type of acoustic foam that absorbs the waves to stop them from reaching the eardrum.

Some everyday tasks can damage your hearing and can have a catastrophic effect. So it's important to protect yourself of task/activities such as mowing the lawn.

Why Choose 3M?

3M are a trusted name in personal protective equipment and are a mainstay in industrial grade PPE. To protect your workers in a variety of challenging workplace environments, 3M has a solution for your needs. RS Components combines its renowned customer service with a fantastic selection of 3M workplace safety products to support your needs.

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